Transnavigation & Logistics

EPRASYS Transnavigation&Logistics helps you automate and coordinate the operation of fleet control centers and discharge points. Due to integrated GIS module Eprasys Transavigation and Logistics effectively solves a number of problems, such as tracking of mobile objects, or optimal distribution of transportation resources. Due to its unique design, Eprasys can be easily and quickly configured to meet custom need of individual customers - ranging from post offices to large-scale cargo fleet carriers.

Application fields:

  • Geotracking of mobile assets with control of their routes and motion parameters
  • Organization of goods storage according to their relevance, shelf life and shipping terms
  • Calculation and adaptive control of optimal routes of vehicles and cargo fleets  per user-defined restrictions





A vehicle tracking GIS system is a “must-have” software for all kinds of fleet owners ranging from transit agencies and distributors to law enforcement and public safety authorities. Thanks to integration with special GPS and location control gear mounted on the mobile assets (cars, locomotives, water transportation), the software provides real-time monitoring and movement analytics; it also prevents loss of assets, or assets misuse.

Transnavigation Module functionality includes:

  • Real-time dispatch and real-time monitoring of vehicles or cargo fleets, allows  an operator to track moving objects in real-time, locate and dispatch the crew closest to an incident or move an asset to the required location.
  • Security and remote vehicle control: creation of out of bound (forbidden) zones where vehicles are not allowed to enter and immediate notification of end-user when a violation has occurred.
  • Driving behavior control: combining available information on drivers and traffic offences, such as speeding, to promote better driving behavior and minimize violations among drivers.
  • Generation of automatic notifications and alerts based on user-defined parameters, such as deviation from the planned route, unplanned stops longer than pre-define duration.
  • Analysis of historic tracking data (stops, time en route, fuel consumption, mileage, route popularity etc.). to optimize  performance and ensure minimum time/resources spent on performing tasks. 

Transport Monitoring


Logistics module automates the process of route planning and resource distribution. It applies mathematical algorithms to generate optimal routes for vehicles and optimal  load distribution. Moreover, additional analytics can be conducted for more comprehensive results. For example, the software can generate optimal routes accounting for the amount of unsold goods, daily average consumption, or availability of intermediate warehouses. Or the software can help organize goods storage according to their relevance and shipping terms. 

The basic set of module functions includes:

  • Fleet inventory and management
  • Order management (online and offline order processing, prioritization, status tracking)
  • Selection of vehicles for each delivery considering load type, vehicle availability, delivery terms and destination
  • Manual and automatic route planning
  • Calculation of delivery costs
  • Statistics and analysis with visual display on electronic maps

GIS logistics software helps you raise the quality of customer service and reduce operational expenses due to

  • Real-time tracking of your mobile assets
  • Optimization of mileage and delivery time
  • Control and optimization of transportation expenses

Route planning