Process & Enterprise Workflow

EPRASYS Process&Enterprise Workflow provides valuable tools for planning, scheduling, coordination and monitoring of various business processes within an enterprise.


       Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

       Incident Management

       Process Workflow Management

       Work Order & Document Management

       Human Resource Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With CRM module you can build a single corporate geographical information system to streamline and automate marketing, sales and customer service processes accounting for customers’ geographic data. Our clients can perform comprehensive market analysis and make better investment decisions by combining corporate data with spatial information and visual display.

CRM module functionality includes:

  • Geo-database of customers and services
  • Client profiles with their contracts and financial information attached
  • Customer related data in various formats (e-mails, letters, web)
  • Customer trouble tickets registration through a Web portal, status tracking and geographic analytics
  • Visual display of geo-tag data like:
    • customer density and distribution
    • responders of your last direct marketing campaign
    • potential customer maps relative to age, sex, other user-defined attributes
  • Support of complex queries to the geodatabase
  • Management of customer escalations
  • Statistics and reporting

Mapping of customer requests


Incident Management

Incident Management module provides a consistent, flexible framework for the management of incidents. Incident management also includes root-cause, location and severity analysis and facilitates effective cooperation of multiple teams to speed up resolution. Due to accessing multiple sources of information and the ease with which this information can be displayed on a map, the module provides a valuable asset facilitating decision-making and collaboration of different departments and agencies at any stage of incident management.

The system can be used to perform such tasks as:

  • Storage of all procedures per incident type
  • Charting hazardous areas with the indication of risk-prone dwelling and infrastructure objects, possible evacuation routes, shelters, and available resources
  • Tracking and notifications of available staff, teams, equipment, and means of transportation
  • Access to live data feeds and other updates generated by geo processing tools
  • Creation of GIS-based report with the indication of project primes, community leaders and decision makers
  • Real-time updates of incidents and resolution progress on a map
  • Damage assessment per incident


Process Workflow Management

With Process Workflow Management module, you can optimize business activity of your company by automating planning, resource distribution, and control over projects execution. The module allows you to organize workflow of information, finances and assets based on consistent pre-assigned business process patterns.

With Eprasys GIS software, your business processes are described by clear and easy-to-follow vector diagrams:

  • You  can see automatic positioning of objects on a business process diagram according to their status
  • Critical milestones, bottlenecks and deviations from the plan are visually highlighted
  • You can see  associated analytical data on a business process diagram
  • You can control functions, parameters, and privileges based on location

The module functionality also includes:

  • Routing of work orders (parallel or consecutive)
  • Automatic attachment of corresponding documents
  • Keeping track of task primes and contributors, time, cost, restrictions, as well as specific functions for each stage of a business process
  • Task prioritization
  • Automatic e-mail or text reminders/alerts per user-specified events, such as tasks past due or exceeded cost
  • Staff workload management
  • “To-do” lists for each employee
  • Emergency workflow management:
    • creation of emergency crews
    • optimal staff and resource distribution
    • notification on task assignments
    • informational support for emergency crews


Work Order & Document Management

Work Order Management Module allows your company to effectively manage your maintenance activities by automatically receiving and responding to work requests, optimizing resource and staff distribution and supporting electronic document flow. Support of Web standard enables requesters to submit and track the status of work orders online, while electronic document flow minimizes manual inefficiencies and paperwork so you can streamline your business operations.

Work order management software makes possible:

  • Automatic routing of work orders according to a customer-defined business logic
  • Optimal staff and resource distribution – creation of teams, assignment of equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • Automatic notification of task primes on their task assignments
  • Informational support
  • Association of budget costs, projects, and assets with a work order
  • Automatic creation of daily, monthly, and annual reports

Electronic Document Flow allows you to identify document status and responsible individuals or teams at every moment of document lifecycle. With Document Flow Management you can:

  • Create and support document flow routes
  • Receive automatic reminders about approaching or passed deadline
  • Control access rights for each type of document
  • Track modifications made to documents by users
  • Quick search and filtering of documents per any user-defined parameters 


Human Resource Management

Human Resource management provides complete automation of hire-to-retire lifecycle effectively organizing human resource management activities. It provides a quick access to any information the company needs to track employees, former employees, and applicants, their status, performance and progress. A flexible user access policy enables effective organization of human resource management within a company of any size.

Functionality of the module includes:

  • Storage of all personal employee information
  • Tracking of applications
  • Resume management
  • Integration with financial and accounting software systems
  • Training management
  • History of status changes, pay grades and positions held
  • Creation of customizable reports and forms