Telco Operations Support

EPRASYS Telco Operations Support provides effective tools for managing assets and optimizing resources of telecommunications networks based on geo-spatial information. By monitoring assets and network elements, combining this information with geographic data, and applying analytical tools, Eprasys Telco Operations Support system provides network operators with a full outlook of the telecommunications network, potential bottlenecks, and maintenance patterns. Due to its unique scalable, modular architecture, Eprasys Telco Support scales to support businesses of all sizes вАУ from small and mid-size enterprises to national carriers.

Infrastructure Management

From managing land development to planning social infrastructure objects - GIS system helps municipalities of all sizes to control and manage all assets and land-focused activities. EPRASYS Infrastructure Management provides tools to maximize the efficient use of land, engineering assets and physical infrastructure.

Transnavigation & Logistics

EPRASYS Transnavigation & Logistics helps automate and coordinate the operation of fleet control centers and discharge points. Due to integrated GIS module, Eprasys Transavigation and Logistics effectively solves a number of problems, such as tracking of mobile objects, or optimal distribution of transportation resources. Due to its unique design, Eprasys can be easily and quickly configured to meet custom need of individual customers - ranging from post offices to large-scale cargo fleet carriers.

Process & Enterprise Workflow

EPRASYS Process & Enterprise Workflow provides valuable tools for planning, scheduling, coordinating, and monitoring of various business processes within an enterprise.