About Us

Why us

Nowadays geoinformation systems (GIS) become a “must-have” instrument in every field of business activity. Municipal development, engineering and telecommunication networks support, CRM, retail marketing, transportation and safety management are only a short list of applications that benefit from using GIS. Mapping business data and conducting location-based analysis provide powerful instruments yielding valuable business insights that can really push a business forward.

Despite all these possibilities, GIS however remains unfamiliar to many authorities due to the fact that GIS technology appears too prohibitively expensive to purchase and complex to maintain. EPRASYS is making a revolution in GIS-based software breaking familiar patterns of extreme price and complexity. Now GIS becomes not only an invaluable tool but also accessible and available to any organization ranging from large-scale enterprises to small municipal or private companies.

Integrating GIS with process workflow management and electron document flow yields a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that unites all business processes within an organization into a single software. With ERP, you receive a single enterprise-wide data repository so that you can easily share information between different departments and gain quick access to data from every corner of your company within one database.

So what are the main features making EPRASYS products the optimal choice of GIS-based ERP?

    • Single system

EPRASYS uses a proprietary geoinformation network system integrated into the product core. Thus our product is independent on compatibility problems and faults. We do not need to involve outside service providers and can guarantee stable operation of the software as a whole.

    • Short-term development and implementation

In-house universal instrument for user interface design extremely shortens the time and cost resources for creation of a new product. That is why we can suggest extra-short terms for creation of highly individual software designed especially for your demands. The terms of developing our products start from 2 months for small systems.

    • Attractive licensing policy

We grant a single corporate license for our product with free licensing of workstations. It means that you pay a stable price regardless of how many persons are intended to work with our product and do not pay additional money in the case of staff expansion.

    • Complex solution

Our products support thick or thin client server architecture – so you can choose any depending on the nature of your business processes. Moreover, we can provide simultaneous operation of both thick and thin clients.

    • Flexible technical support

We suggest absolutely free technical support of our products during 6 months after their implementation. Afterwards you can choose between various technical support packages ranging from Standard to Premium one that implies unlimited functionality increase. You can also realize self-maintained support of our software provided appropriate qualification level of your technical specialists.

    • Universal DBMS support

Support of any database management system – Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Access allows you to choose between different DBMSs depending on the complexity, scale, and financial costs of a desired system.