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If you are the type of company that needs to exercise better control of your assets and business processes, Eprasys is here to help.

Eprasys helps companies optimize their resources, improve processes and solve problems by providing scalable resource management and infrastructure planning solutions based on GIS technology. With deeper geographic understanding of their environment, businesses of all sizes can make better decisions and optimize their resources, thus reducing operational costs. Solutions developed by Eprasys have been successfully deployed by companies in various industries – from telecommunications to national railways, always with a 100% satisfaction rating.

In addition to its innovating software, EPRASYS also provides a comprehensive set of services - from infrastructure and/or processes audit to software development, customization, and integration with 3rd party systems so that GIS-based resource planning and analytical tools deliver highest return on investment.

Founded in 1991, Eprasys has developed a unique approach to creating customizable GIS-based solution. We can create an answer addressing unique customer business logic requirements within a short period of time. And if any changes are required, the solution can be easily and quickly modified to address the ever-evolving business models.